SMS Gateway

SMS-enable your systems, websites and applications. Using our API (Application Programming Interface) integration is fast, simple and reliable.


The APIs are immediately multicast messaging enabled , allowing integration to any front-end or legacy system , with a direct connection into global gateways .

Two Ways Messaging

Two way messaging is a simple application which enables the recipient to reply to a PC from mobile phone. This facility acts as a virtual mobile to both send and receive text messages.


Integration with us for SMS or bidirectional SMS services is simple and the incoming messages could be routed to your applications (via FTP, HTTP or SMPP protocols). This could mean that the incoming messages can be managed/altered by ones own software/database, allowing you complete flexibility.

Enterprise solutions

Marketing ,Sales force Automation , Database Updating ,Server and Network Monitoring ,Virus Alert, Corporate E-mail Alerts.

Two Factor Authentication

Fast, Secure, Reliable


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